Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Cheaper Pringles Tastes Like UGH! Yuck!

Have you seen the new Pringles in the supermarket? It’s cheaper and the can is smaller because it contains less chips, 120g to be exact compared to the old Pringles which is 163g.

This new Pringles is being produced and packed in a factory in Johor, Malaysia and it tastes like sh*t compared to the Pringles made in the USA. It has lost its taste. I like the American-made Pringles, because it’s thin and crunchy. The Malaysian version is thicker and mealy and it tastes like flour (like the Mr. Potato brand). I had 3 chips and I didn’t touch the damn thing again.

Apparently, Procter & Gamble officially entered the Malaysia market via the acquisition of Richardson Vicks. So expect cheaper but low-quality Olay, Rejoice, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, even Downy and Pampers products in the market soon.

Supermarkets are currently replacing their stocks of American Pringles with the yucky Malaysian ones. I suggest you don’t buy them. They’re not cheap. It seems like it, but you’re actually paying for lesser weight, lesser flavor, and low-grade potato chips. The American Pringles is more expensive by 18pesos. BUT they taste better. I’d rather pay extra 18pesos and enjoy my Pringles than pay for garbage.

Calling Procter and Gamble Philippines, please stop importing the Malaysian Pringles, we hate it.

(This article is by Oliver Twist of 96.7 K-Lite FM Baguio)